3 tips for traveling with little kids

Parenting is hard work. The discomforts of pregnancy, feeling defeated after sleepless nights taking care of a newborn, the added expenses, balancing work and family time. But let’s talk about the utterly mess and chaos of traveling with little kids! Are you taking enough diapers? And let’s hope they’re still in diapers, or anything could happen (and it does!). How about the meltdowns? I mean, do you know how hard it is to carry a toddler whose body is like Salvador Dali’s melting watch while walking the terminal?

We feel you. We really do. So we’re going to be real pals here and give you our 3 best tips to travel with little ones.

1. Use bribery.
Snacks, candy, Mickey Mouse, Elsa, gifts. Whatever is their drug of choice. As long as you get them to keep it together until you get on the fricking plane. Don’t worry, no one will judge you. Okay, not true, they will. But they will judge you regardless, so do whatever you need to do to stay sane. Ish.

2. Forget your screen time rules: ALWAYS have it on!
Air travel with kids is basically the exact opposite of what you do at home. So yes, screen. As much as possible. So you keep your kid still for as long as possible. Just remember to help them bling every here and then.

3. Leave the gear at home!6 pieces of luggage, 1 laptop bag, 1 diaper bag, 1 stroller, 2 carseats, 2 arms. You do the math. Let us give you a hand and bring you the highest quality baby gear directly at your destination. Click here to get started.

Bon Voyage!

Disclaimer: ​we are very responsible and want the best for all kids. ​We do not really endorse tips 1 and 2. But we do think that most parents can use a little laugh, so there you go!