Air travel hits record 1M passengers per day for a week straight so give yourself more time at the airport

Spring break is here and with the rise of air travel during the pandemic things may get a bit hectic at the airport. The following tips below will help make your experience at the airport less stressful and more enjoyable.

Get to the airport early.  From curbside drop-off, to boarding passes, bag checking and metal detectors, the security process at airports is a complicated one. Give yourself an extra half hour so you can relax a bit. 

Check in online ahead of time. Getting on your plane on time is all about preparation. Always have your phone handy to locate a copy of your boarding pass or choose to print it before hand.  

Bring your gadgets. Stay connected and plugged-in on your trip, things such as your phone charger, power cord, and noise-canceling headphones.

Don’t forget to download. You can never be sure about available connectivity. Download yours and the kids favorite tv show, movie, or games so you can view it offline at any time.