How Travelsist is Creating the "New Normal" of Travel

COVID-19 is an evolving crisis, yet domestic and international destinations are reopening for travel. Here at Travelsist, we want to create the “new normal” of travel safe and stress-free for you and your family. 

We have pivoted, putting a plan in place for public safety to keep our parents and children protected while traveling. We are parents too! We get that before COVID-19 you were already overwhelmed traveling with your little ones – so let us communicate with you and assist in this process. 

Here are the ways Travelsist will help your family in the “new normal” of travel: 

  • PPE Gear and You’re in the Clear! The products that we offer are essential for traveling families. We also thoroughly detail, clean and sanitize the surfaces of our baby gear, providing care for both parents and their children. We use a special cleaning regime with the help of UVC lighting to ensure a thorough cleaning. 

  • Contactless Assistance. Let us take care of the logistics. We will provide the baby gear and PPE gear at the airport, so you don’t have to do the classic “run back in the house” for a mask. And don’t worry, our concierge’s, are trained to keep social distancing guidelines. 

  • Constant Communication. With the adaptation to being online, we have also become better at virtual communication. We want to be there for you whenever you need us! Feel free to reach out via email, Instagram or Facebook and we will be there. 

For those that are traveling, we are offering 20% off our baby gear products for the entire month of August! Spread the word to about our August Savings Sale to help accommodate those traveling this month. Use the code #AUGUST20 at checkout to redeem this special offer! 

Even if you are not traveling, we want to show our support for you during this time. Please do not travel if you do not feel safe – we will be here when you decide it’s time. 

The pandemic has swept the world, and at Travelsist, we are doing our part and will continue to closely monitor for the latest updates in the travel industry to ensure that our families are protected.