Tips to Save Time at Airport Security

Get Ahead of the Game 

With airports busier than ever since the Covid-19 pandemic you can expect longer lines at check-in, and airport security wait times to be unpredictable. Because regulations change frequently and certain TSA agents are more stringent than others, nearly everyone makes mistakes during airport screening. Errors are rarely serious. There are many things you can do ahead of time to avoid making mistakes and saving time in the airport security line. TSA employees frequently provide extra assistance to families with young children in order to expedite the security process.


Make your next flight as quickly and painlessly as possible from your front door to your seat on the plane by following these airport time saving tips.

Dress Comfortably

All accessories including shoes will have to be taken off and placed in a bin. Dress in simple, comfortable clothing that minimizes what you have to take off and put back on. 

Pack Extra Masks and Gloves

It never hurts to pack extra masks for use during your air travels. Also to avoid touching frequently touched checkpoint surfaces and screening equipment, including bins it could be a good idea to wear gloves. 

Check In Online Ahead of Time

Checking in online is a time saver especially when you're not checking bags. It gives you the opportunity to skip the check-in line and print your boarding passes in advance. 

Print Boarding Pass

Technology has made it simple to access your boarding pass on your phone, but when handling multiple tickets printing your boarding passes will make things easier. Physical boarding passes will assist you and your family in getting through the security checkpoint as quickly as possible.

The 3-ounce Rule

To pass through airport security, all liquids must be 3.4 ounces or less. Larger liquids should be packed in checked bags or left behind. Only baby food and medical supplies are exempt. Excessively large liquids will be confiscated.

Empty Water Bottles

Bringing your own reusable water bottle to the airport is a good idea. More airports are installing filling stations within the secure zone. Simply make sure your bottle is empty before going through security to avoid losing it.

Prep Your Kids

Tell your kids what to expect at airport security so they aren't surprised and can assist you in getting through as quickly as possible. They may be asked their names and ages by security agents. It's not the time to be shy, so assist them in being prepared to respond.

Research The Airport’s Layout In Advance

Each airport is unique. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the layout of the airport from which you'll be departing in order to determine the best route to your gate. By choosing the correct security line and memorizing the route you plan to take ahead of time, you can save valuable seconds on your journey through the airport.