About Us

Travelsist was born for those parents who enjoy worry-free travel.

We make vacationing easy for you, by hand-selecting safety-first, eco-friendly travel products to accommodate your family from arrival to landing and every place in between. 

Our commitment is to source the best products in the marketplace to suit you and your family’s needs and provide you with simple access to these items when you need them the most. We pride ourselves on focusing not only on the quality of the products but also in the steps we take to ensure that each product meets the standards and requirements for cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection.

At Travelsist, we promise to treat your family like our own. We are the extra-friendly, over-cautious member of your family that will never leave your side.   

Meet our founder


Veronica Woodruff is a California native who lives in Atlanta and always had a passion for traveling. After becoming a mom, she wanted to share her passion with her kids, but quickly became frustrated with the alternatives for parents traveling with young children. To carry an enormous amount of baby gear, rent from car rental companies, where there was not enough safety information, or buy gear everywhere she went. She opted for the 3rd option, and at the end of her trips would donate strollers and car seats to local organizations. But that solution was rather costly, so she decided to use her marketing and tech background to solve this problem for herself and other parents with Travelsist.